the longest time.

My goal going into 2015 was to simply survive it. I knew the year would have its challenges. Looking back, it’s encouraging to see that I did more than survive – I thrived. I feel like a happier, healthier version of myself, and it has been encouraging to see that years of hard work have created wonderful opportunities for 2016. All in all, it’s been a good year.

Yes, all of this has been tempered by the fact that I’ve seen my beloved Benjamin a whopping 3.5 days in 2015. Yep. That’s less than 100 hours. It will still be awhile before he is home, but his days in a combat zone are almost over, so we’re making progress.

Tomorrow marks one year since I’ve seen Ben.Β It’s odd to think about all that has happened during our days apart. There have been hard days. There have been days I could barely keep it together. But those days have been vastly outnumbered by good days. So much of what has made this past year good has been the love and support of dear friends – and, at times, complete strangers. And even though he’s busy saving the world (or at least trying to keep it from exploding…), Ben has encouraged me from afar. In his words, I’ve kicked this deployment in the ass. And in my opinion, so has he. I guess it’s the Hoadley way – we don’t choose the easy road and we’re scrappy fighters ’til the end.

I’m entering 2016 with hope and gratitude. My life is nothing like what I imagined it would be. But it is beautiful.

Happy New Year, my friends.



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