the final countdown.

Y’all. The day is almost here. You know…the day. The day that Ben comes home.

It’s been 14 months since I’ve seen him. 60 weeks. 420 days. Not that I’ve been keeping track or anything.

Even though I’ve been anxiously awaiting this day since Ben left, there’s somehow a little bit of a shock factor now that it’s finally here. For so long it was simply an unknown date in the future. And now it’s here. It feels surreal and wonderful and exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking and about 500 other emotions.

A lot has happened in the time we’ve spent apart. We’ve both grown and aged with the respective challenges and situations we have faced. We’ve come out on the other side of this thing stronger, but I know it is far from over. Now comes the reentry process. For Ben, reentry into home life and all that is the modern-day American civilization. For me, it’s reentry into living with another person and not being a complete hermit/crazy dog lady. For us, it’s reentry into life together. It will take patience and love and grace and kindness, as all relationships do.

In this moment, I’m so overcome with gratitude – for Ben’s safe return, for our soon-to-be reunion, for the people who have encouraged us along the way. We did it! Four more sleeps. Until then, I’ll be the girl trying to hold it together as my 500+ emotions battle it out.


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